Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Bit of Abutilon History in Russia

Sadly, few facts are known about abutilon history, origins, selection, etc. ... even less is known about its 'lifespan' in Russia. Luckily, among papers and books at home I've recently come across a more than 100-year-old seed catalog of some Wilhelm Ziegler & Co. (Вильгельм Циглер, прейс-курант, иностранного депо семян, цветочных луковиц, роз и многолетних растений).

And there, on page 59, I found this:

Yes, back then they sold abutilon seeds of two kinds: some select mix and a 'maximum', which means giant hybrids with flowers up to 9 cm in diameter.

Now, this catalog proves that abutilons have been grown in Russia for more than 100 years already. They had been grown before the 1917 Revolution. Who knows, they might have even grown in the Winter Palace, the Tsar's residence!