Friday, August 28, 2015

Autumn, harvest...

In a couple of days a new academic year begins. A new autumn. Another season is almost over. The season was cold and rainy, as if there was no summer whatsoever. For mature abutilon plants, this weather was perfect, as the most comfortable temperature for these plants is +23+25 C. However, for younger plants (e.i. seedlings) a much sunnier summer is desired. So, as a result, most of my current seedlings are only starting to bloom, although in late October it all will be over.

Right now, I'm mostly enjoying the results of the previous hybridizing season: abutilon 'Freya', for instance. I did some cutting, and the leftover flowers were used in a little photo session (as not to waste). Now I started marking my pictures with my new web site logo, although the site is still under construction.

The flower plate looks great, I think. I added more shadows to darken the corners, but the flower pattern remains unchanged. They do have veins with a yellowish center and a very dark bloody-red eye. However, these color hues are brought out best in the shade. If you place the plant in the sun, the colors fade slightly and on the whole the petals turn out to be more plain orange.

With so few sunny days, I only had a couple of chances to make good pictures of my plants. Will show more next time. Promise. Meanwhile, will be happy to get any comments from you, and you're always welcome to visit my web site, although it's in Russian, but it has some more great abutilon pictures (of traditional and new abutilon hybrids).

Saturday, August 22, 2015

My favorite abutilon picture 2015

Dear all,

I thought and thought, and then I realized I needed a proper website. Luckily, a friend of mine is a budding webmaster, so he offered me his help. The site is under construction at the moment.

I haven't decided on the purpose of my website though. I think it will serve partly to satisfy my ambitions as an abutilon hybridizer (in my country it is extremely difficult to make yourself known to the 147 billions of its people), and partly it might eventually bring me some financial rewards. If it does, I'm likely to start my very own small business, although not immediately so.

The most recent findings about the virtues of clear (transparent) pots and their useful application to growing abutilons, avoiding the root-bound plant condition, will be presented soon and with nice pictures.

Best end of summer to you all,