Friday, January 15, 2016

Last Year Results

I can't remember if I shared the pictures of this hybrid with you last year or not. Anyway, repetition is the mother of learning. The hybrid (no name so far) is pretty cool, especially its leaves. I would call it Abutilon ficifolium for their shape, if I could.

Last year, it boasted of a slow growing habit with short internodes. The flowers were medium-sized and quite wide, bell-shaped, looking downwards or sideways. At the beginning, the petals are cream colored, but on the second day of blooming they whiten, and the eye becomes more vivid (pinkish-lilac).
Unfortunately, abutilon hybrids are well-known for being deceiving and chameleon-like. Many times have I seen a hyrbrid change its color completely (even from light pink to deep coral) several blooming sessions later. So I only hope this one stays this way. Actually, this is my 'secret' mantra I repeat over and over again to the at-first-very-promising abutilon hybrids: 'STAYTHISWAYSTAYTHISWAYSTAYTHISWAY'. Maybe I don't repeat it loud or often enough because mostly it doesn't work.

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