Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How To...

In case you are wondering how to cross-pollinate abutilons, let me assure you that it is no miracle. It is common knowledge that flowers consist of beautiful petals which somewhat hide a number of stamen and pistils. If we transfer pollen from the flowers of one hybrid (cultivar) onto the pistils of another - voila! - chances are seeds will begin to form and soon enough we will be able to sow them to await results with great anticipation. Of course I deliberately simplify the description of the cross-pollination mechanism just to show you that it can be actually performed by just about anyone with the help of a fine soft brush.
Abutilon Shell (2013)

Abutilon Aurum (2013)

These are two of my 2013 abutilon hybrids which I unofficially named 'Shell' (the pink one with darker veins) and 'Aurum' (the golden one).

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