Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Sunny Delight

a super-small abutilon hybrid

Can you guess the diameter of this flower? Oh, well, it started off with 1,5 inches (about 3 cm), but then reached 2 inches (5 cm), with the size of the whole plant being also slightly taller than 2 inches.

Yes, I'm getting there -- slowly but steadily hybridizing a super-compact, mini-, dwarf-, micro-, nano- (or whatever you want to call it) abutilon. I have a couple more hybrids that aren't blooming yet which demonstrate the same compact tendencies. Wait and see!

Sometimes I think that this wish to have a pretty, tiny plant has something to do with my hypopituitarism -- with me being short and loving it that way. Or maybe wanting to prove it to the world that something (or someone) non-standard, non-fitting within the conventional framework, exceptional -- can be exceptionally good and much wanted... Maybe I'm trying to instill tolerance in insidious ways -- via abutilons...

compact abutilon hybrid 2014

Anyway, here are some more of my abutilon hybridization results of this year AND much awaited well-known hybrid of abutilon megapotamicum 'Ines' ... blooming indoors, St. Petersburg, Russia.

I had a number of sunny hybrids like this one
just a showy red, my hybrid 2014
my new hybrid, 2014
abutilon hybridum megapotamicum 'Ines'

abutilon hybridum megapotamicum 'Ines'
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  1. They are really lovely! Do you have any others that you've been working in in the years since? Would love to see them :)